About Your Hosts

Scott (USA)

YgBE6XUyBorn in the 70’s, Scott was raised in the Chicago area and has some deep midwestern roots. His blended family consists of a long-time girlfriend, two biological sons and one step son. He spends his weekdays as a Web/UI/UX Designer and weekends coaching baseball, hiking through forest preserves and spending time with family.

Scott has been podcasting since 2010 and has hosted 2 other podcasts, both related to the incredible game of Geocaching. The Chicago Geocaching Podcast ended in 2014 and The Geocaching Podcast which he is still a co-host of.

A genuine geek at heart, Scott loves Star Wars, toys from his childhood, comic books, video games and 80’s music.

Mark (UK)

Untitled designBorn the same year Blazing Saddles was released, Mark grew up in a small village in Nottingham. In the last 42 years he’s amassed a girlfriend, two biological sons and a step son and daughter. Somewhere along the line the family was joined by four cats, a dog and a goldfish (called Bruce).

Mark has been podcasting since 2013, co-hosting The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast with his son Samuel.

Mark has a geek brain full of obscure references, at times really obscure music knowledge and a love of most things sci-fi related. He has vowed never to be out geeked by his children, so spends too much time keeping up with them.